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You can choose from more than 40 student organizations, including social clubs, academic, honors, pre-professional service organizations, intramural and other special-interest groups.

Clubs & Organizations

The McMurry campus is filled with active students who participate in a wide range of clubs and organizations that help them grow spiritually, professionally or socially. With over 40 clubs including social, honorary, professional/academic, service and various special interest clubs, it's easy to get involved!

Important Information

  • AITP

  • Chemistry Club

  • Klub- Phi Epsilon Kappa

  • Math Club

  • Model UN

  • Psychology Club - Psi Chi

  • Shareholders

  • Society of Physics Students

  • Sociology Club

  • Theta Alpha Kappa

  • Alpha Phi Omega

  • Diversity Affairs Council

  • McMurry Student Government

  • Men's Interclub

  • Women's Interclub

  • A Moxie Movement

  • Armed Forces Alliance

  • Better Together Alliance

  • Campus Activities Board

  • Campus Ministry

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

  • McMurry Bass Club

  • McMurry Hispanic Society

  • McMurry Shooting Sports Club

  • McMurry Student Foundation

  • Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA)

  • Saudi Student Association

  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee

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