Ko Sari

Ko Sari"Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my position or action towards my fellow student, to resolve such doubt against myself."
(Taken From Ko Sari Mission Statement)

Club History

Ko Sari Fraternity was founded on January 3, 1937, by a group of seven men who felt that a second men's club was needed to improve the social activities of the university. Ko Sari was founded on the ideals of chivalry and knighthood. During World War II, Ko Sari felt the need to answer the nations call for young men to enter into military service, and the fraternity was briefly disbanded. At the end of the war, the knights of Ko Sari were reorganized when the young men returned back to campus. Since then Ko Sari has been a vital part of the McMurry community and is now the oldest active men's club on campus.

Club Colors

Black and Silver

Club Song

Hail to Ko Sari.
This heart of mine, will keep its rendezvous with all its kind.
This fellowship we know, a sword shall be.
Who's light shall ever glow for Ko Sari.

Annual Events

Homecoming- Each year on homecoming, Ko Sari participate in Tipi Village, hold a banquet for members and alumni, and an annual member vs. alumni football game.

Cowboy Christmas Ball- Each Winter Ko Sari  holds a concert in which the proceeds are donated to a charity.


End of Year Banquet- Alternating years Ko Sari holds either a picnic or a formal banquet thanking the sweetheart, officers and seniors as well as presenting the next years sweetheart and officers.