The purpose of Eta Epsilon Iota shall be a dedication of its members furthering the goals and ideals of McMurry University by encouraging spiritual, mental, and physical excellence in college life

Club History

HEI was founded in 1962 by Robert Gillette at McMurry University and has
been part of its tradition since then.

Club Poem

He drew a circle
that shut me out
heretic, rebel
a thing to flout
but love and I
had the wit to win
we drew a circle
that took him in.

Club Colors

Gold, Red, and Blue

Club Activities

Homecoming, Pledging

Member Activities

Honor Societies, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Psi Alpha, Religious Life, Band, Choir, Theatre, Anime Club, Athletic Training, Alpha Phi Omega

Club Site

Eta Epsilon Iota